Together, stronger

Approved FFP2 NR face masks

Made in Spain under all quality standards


During this unprecedented emergency we have learned many things. But above all, the union is strength


In Teelmask we have also learned many things, and we have decided to combine our knowledge, experience and energies to be closer to people
That is why we have launched our FFP2 face masks. And that is why we manufacture them in Spain, with the maximum guarantees, with the greatest protection and the greatest comfort. Because together, we will be more protected.

Together, stronger

Our face mask




We can ensure that our face masks filter at least 95% of the particles in the air, in addition to having high breathability due to the mechanical and electrostatic action of their composition (resistance to exhalation of 2.4 mbar). Residues in exhalation are only 0.15%, which prevents the feeling of drowsiness in prolonged use. A perfect combination of safety and comfort, both for social and work use.


Teelmask face masks are approved FFP2 NR. For a greater protection they have 4 layers, 2 of Spunbond, one of Spunlace and a filter of Meltblown, which increases its coverage and resistance while softening its touch for a better feeling in contact with the skin. As they are manufactured in Spain, we can guarantee that all quality and safety standards are met in their manufacturing and packaging process.


This face mask has been manufactured for protection against COVID 19 following the WHO recommendations and according to the specifications indicated by the EN149: 2001 + A1: 2009 standard. It is also Applus certified.


CE Declaration of Conformity


Certificate Nº 0370-5022-PPE/C2

About us


Teelmask is a brand that was born from Zelatun. A Spanish company dedicated for 40 years to the manufacture of envelopes. Our trajectory as a company in the manufacture of high-quality products, and excellence in the service to our clients, support each of the masks we produce. Being entirely manufactured in Spain by our trusted workers



Our Mission


Contribute to a safer day to day for all people in their professional and personal lives. Through safe, quality, traceable products at an affordable price. But above all with an efficient and agile service in case of any emergency.





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